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How Much Cash Should Your Business Keep in the Bank

In the days my business was a side hustle, I didn’t worry about...

Keep An Eye On Your Assets At All Times With Shoof Tech

When you’re in the business of logistics and supply chain...

How Millennials Can Unlock Their True Earning Potential

The fact that millennials make less than their parents is a serious concern. But Millennials have a different mindset when it comes to money. Millennials have a unique way of unlocking true earning potential and can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Personal Credit Score vs Business Credit Score: Everything You Need to Know (and More)

Also known as a trade or commercial credit score, your business credit score helps financial institutions to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for debt financing. A high business credit score can improve your chances of obtaining a business loan—and likely, you’ll be able to receive much more favorable terms. Alternatively, a low score can mean higher interest rates, and in some cases, even prevent you from being eligible to borrow.

GetBusy: A Document Management App That Does It All For Your Business On One Platform

There are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of platforms and apps on...

8 Signs You’re Not Cut Out To Be Self-Employed

If you prefer or need to have a stable and guaranteed paycheck, and not about things like taxes and chasing down payments, then self-employment isn’t the answer. Until you work-out-of-the-kinks, you can expect an irregular income.

10 Habits to Give Up to Become Happy as a Business Owner

The real key to happiness is actually giving up certain perspectives and behaviors. Some people try to achieve happiness by masking it with a temporary purchase or some extra activity.

Yumami Lets You Search For Recipes Based On What You Have On Hand

When it comes to adulting, I have most of it down: I pay my bills, I meet my...

Is It Time To Reframe Your Definition Of Success?

Hands up if you’re semi-addicted to stories of successful people and...

Poker is Becoming a Team Sport with Team Poker®

Team Poker® is here to disrupt the online poker industry with the first team betting platform.