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How Effective Leaders Solve Problems

What separates great leaders from disastrous ones? Depending on the offending habit, you’ll find there isn’t just one answer to that question.

Easily Organize and Access Your Apps and Links with

A desktop for the web. We rely on our computers, smartphones and tablets for...

Invest In or Grow a Business with Collaborative Social Media Platform, Lander

Welcome to the Lander Life. As social media becomes increasingly popular,...

How to Make a Splash in an Oversaturated Market or Niche

Rather than getting salty about the fact that other people are reaching for the same customers and dollars as you, get excited about the opportunity to improve through differentiation. 

14 Business Tasks That Can Be Automated

As a business owner, you have a full plate. But, did you know that you can free-up your most valuable asset by automating tedious and redundant tasks?

Storypod: Less screen time. More story time.

For children of the Digital Age, it can be virtually impossible to imagine a...

Roqos: first to provide cybersecurity, IoT security, VPN, and easy home networking

Whether on the individual level or enterprise level, it’s never been more...

With Topic, you can write better content, faster.

Ah, to make the triumphant climb to the top of Google search results. It’s...

Koinly: save hours tracking, analyzing, & generating reports from your cryptocurrency

Any crypto investor who’s traded on multiple exchanges and has coins...

Productivity Journal vs. Time Trackers

Sometimes productivity works out, other times it doesn’t. Productivity is discovering what works best for you and being flexible enough to make the changes.